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The Billionaire Chronicles is a Match-3 game based off of author Melody Anne’s New York Times best selling “Anderson” series. Joseph Anderson, a self made Billionaire, is a ruthless businessman but has a heart of gold for his family and especially when it comes to grandchildren. He works as hard on making wise decisions for his company as he does for finding his sons a quality wife. Like real life, the best laid plans rarely work out the way we want or expect. The journey of the Anderson’s is one of highs and lows, from easily found love to hard fought acceptance, from joy and pain, to adoption and even kidnapping. Being an Anderson may be be a dream for most but there are also hidden nightmares found at the most unexpected time that people never even know about.

As you go through each round in the game you will also go through the book in order of how Melody Anne wrote them. This chronological order makes it easy to follow where the family is going and how they got to where they are. Every individual level holds some kind of line from the game, leading to the finalization of that respective book. You’ll watch immersive video’s from key parts of the books as well as in depth and detailed storyboards that represent a time during the book which is a highlight of the story.

Join the Andersons in bringing their lives from words to life in front of your eyes. As you play you’ll be rewarded yourself with free books, discounted items, jewelry, limited edition prints and so much more — all for free, for playing the game. Your time is worth something to us and we want you to be rewarded for it, you deserve something for going on this experience with us!

“It’s time to wake up.”

Slowly, her eyelids fluttered as I took an unhurried walk around the parameter of the bed. I loved how my voice bounced back at me in this small, cluttered room. This experience was so much more than a capture or kill. There was nothing out of place, nothing left to chance. This had been planned for too long.

I stopped at the back of the headboard as I looked over it to the perfect display of her body. It was a masterpiece. The bed had been pulled into the center of the room so I could observe her from every angle. The position of the bed was slightly out of place, but other than that, it was an exact replica of what I needed the scene to be. With the bed this way I could walk all around it, circle my prey, enjoy every moment of this night. There could be no mistakes — not with this.

Her whimper as consciousness seeped in and she realized she couldn’t move her arms because they were bound to the steel poles at the head of her bed was music to my ears. She still was too drugged to understand what was happening, but I was certainly a patient man. She’d come fully to very soon — I had the means to ensure that.

“Are you rested?”

As I said this, I moved beside her, came fully into her view. From the slight stiffening of her muscles, I could see that she recognized my voice, but it wasn’t until our gazes locked together that the full impact of this moment rushed through me. But she was still too groggy for me to play with her.

She most definitely wasn’t alert enough for my liking. Within seconds of her struggle to pull her arms free, she stilled, her soulless blue gaze looking back at me in too calm a manner. Her mouth opened and her dry tongue swept across her cracked bottom lip. But even that much movement seemed to put a strain on her and she leaned her head back and closed her eyes once more. That wouldn’t do at all.

“I’ve got a treat for you,” I assured her — and myself.

            Pulling a prepared needle from the bag sitting on the end of her bed, I took off the protective cap and held it up to the light, the amber liquid reflecting from the dim lamplight in the room. She didn’t bother reacting to my words so I decided not to talk for now as I brought the sharp point to her arm. She didn’t budge as I shoved the tip into her thin skin and pushed. Pulling it out, I tossed the syringe into my bag. No evidence could be left behind…


reakout author Chris Alan teams up with NYT’s bestselling author Melody Anne in a stimulating thriller series that brings a whole new twist to happily-ever-after.

This book will have you longing to be the predator’s next target. Beware though, because once you enter Obitus’s world you don’t get to stop playing his game unless he chooses to set you free. Is this a work of fiction … or is it a confession? Only you can decide whether or not you choose to dance with a man who always picks the song.

In life we are all performing one dance after another, most of us just don’t realize it. When you’re walking down the street and your fingers softly brush against those of a stranger’s, your new fate has already been decided, you just don’t realize it yet. There’s no such thing as a chance meeting in the dark, and you only have one opportunity to escape Obitus … but your time is running out …