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People are so predictable aren’t they? Honestly, it’s almost not worth playing with them. You jump out from behind a corner and yell boo and they scream. You come up behind them and brush your fingers across their neck and a visible chill runs through them.



      Still, I keep hoping to see a different reaction. I keep yearning for someone who isn’t so unsurprising. So I sit and I watch. And I take notes and plan. Some may call me cold. Some may call me a monster. They don’t know me, and they certainly don’t know my story. But do they want to find me? Yeah, I think they very much do. Why?

      Why not is the accurate question. We’re in a twisted world, and the darker the story, the more people seem to pay attention. They all lead these pathetic little lives and each day they grow more and more depressed, more and more unhappy with their daily routines they had once longed so desperately for. So they turn on the news, open their internet browsers, and seek excitement through others.

      That’s why they want to know me. That’s why my story must be told. And you may ask yourself: how can I be the way I am, how can I feel no remorse?

      My answer is really quite simple. Why shouldn’t I be exactly who I was meant to be? If the puppets who call themselves human aren’t smart enough to see evil coming, then are their deaths really hurting the rest of civilization? I don’t think so.

      How do you think I ended up in this world? I don’t think it was coincidence. I think I was meant to be here. I was meant to bring excitement, passion, longing, and so much more to those I choose worthy of my time.

      How is it that the human race survives? I’ve tried to figure that out since I was very young. But I’m bored, so very bored. Most days I don’t care who lives or dies. Does it really matter? Maybe someday something will happen that will bring a sense of purpose back to me. Until then, I will continue to entertain . . .


reakout author Chris Alan teams up with NYT’s bestselling author Melody Anne in a stimulating thriller series that brings a whole new twist to happily-ever-after.

This book will have you longing to be the predator’s next target. Beware though, because once you enter Obitus’s world you don’t get to stop playing his game unless he chooses to set you free. Is this a work of fiction … or is it a confession? Only you can decide whether or not you choose to dance with a man who always picks the song.

In life we are all performing one dance after another, most of us just don’t realize it. When you’re walking down the street and your fingers softly brush against those of a stranger’s, your new fate has already been decided, you just don’t realize it yet. There’s no such thing as a chance meeting in the dark, and you only have one opportunity to escape Obitus … but your time is running out …